EMF Audio Banhammer 15"

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  • Power Handling - 2,000 watts RMS
  • Xmax - 35mm one way
  • 4 inch 4 layer copper voice coil rated up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 10" linear roll spiders
  • High velocity pole vent
  • Additional rear gap venting
  • 4 gauge spring loaded terminals
  • High roll foam surround
  • Designed for daily musical use with low bass and exceptional bandwidth
  • Tooled magnet boot


Banhammer 15"

Recommended enclosure: 3.5-4 cu. ft ported (also 4th order friendly)

2,000 watts RMS
Fs         =     25.4331 Hz
Qes        =      0.5596
Qms        =      4.6929
Qts        =      0.5000
Vas        =     53.4885 L 
Mms        =    601.3193 g
35mm xmax one-way

10.185" mounting depth
14.125" cut-out
15.625" outside diameter with gasket

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  • 5
    15" Banhammer sub

    Posted by Sean on 15th Apr 2019

    Wow truly amazing sub. This thing gets low and still able to play highs very well. I'll be ordering a second one!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Jeremy on 12th Apr 2019

    This sub is a monster. It pounds my truck even at 20 hz. Can’t wait for it to break in.

  • 4
    15 inch banhammer

    Posted by Alex Conte on 21st Aug 2018

    Kills the lows 's. takes my aq2200 no problem all day. I Just got a 2nd one,
    Thinking about a 3rd

  • 5
    Excellent customer service nice sub

    Posted by jerome rampersaud on 10th Feb 2018

    OMG super clean sub quality and customer service is the best I've seen Sean answers all my questions extremely fast shipping tnks alot sean

  • 5
    Banhammer 15"

    Posted by Steven Watson on 9th Apr 2017

    I have to say if you're on the fence about getting this sub don't be! This thing is amazing! I do car audio on a very tight budget and I mulled around for months on what sub to get. I had an HDC315 Soundqubed but was looking for more. I debated for months between the Orion HCCA 15, Crescendo Contralto 15, and the EMF Banhammer. After talking to a lot of people and just really digging into the specs I went with the Banhammer and let me tell you this thing is awesome. I have it in a 4 ft3 box tuned to 32hz and it just hammers and the lows sound so smooth and clean! It completely surpassed any expectations I had for the sub. I'm running it at 1 ohm on an Orion XTR 4000.1 and it just eats it up. I'm EMF for life now because you will not find a better more monster sub anywhere for the money....period.

  • 5
    Banhammer 15

    Posted by Joseph Taylor on 17th Mar 2017

    Bought four of these subs for a C-Pillar in my 01 Tahoe. Couldn't wait to hear them so decided to break two of them in early. These things are nasty love the crisp clean low bass from just the two. I plan on running 10k to them and can't wait to feel my heart stop. Great subs awesome quality highly recommend them to everyone.

  • 5
    Took a chance and glad i did

    Posted by Steven on 2nd Dec 2016

    I have been into car audio for well over 20 years but always stuck with big box store brands. My first move was to Soundqubed which blew them away but I still wanted more. I wanted to move more air and hit those really low lows. A friend turned me ion to EMF. I had seen some of their stuff in passing watching bass videos on YouTube but hadn't given them any thought. My friend talked me into trying the new EMF Banhammer. I will say this right now if you're thinking about buying it...DO IT! This thing is an absolute beast! Mine is in an enclosure that is way off spec and it still just hammers my car. Rated for 2000 rms I'm running an Orion 4000.1 on it at full power and it just takes it and laughs. Well built and just monstrous! Customer service has been amazing as well. I'm extremely happy to be part of the EMF club and in the future when I finally get an SUV you can bet some 15" Ermergerds are going to be in my future!

  • 5
    Low and Clear Bass!

    Posted by Vince on 17th Oct 2016

    heavy heavy subwoofer... built like a tank, suspension is pretty stiff. I only have 1k watts running to it right now and it's barely moving the sub, but it moves a ton of air. I was surprised about the clarity of the bass produced, it was comparable to my JBL W15 GTI. The bass was very clear. I guess on my old set-up, the bass was covering up distortion from my speakers and I didn't notice it until I switched to the Banhammer. I feel my ears and nose wiggling and can float a receipt with the windows cracked, on only 1k.. Can't wait for 3k.. Pull the trigger.

  • 5
    awesome subs

    Posted by Tim on 13th May 2016

    These are good subs. I have 2 of the 15s and they sound good and get loud, and low, but still loud. So I'm happy. And FYI, these handle alot of clean power.