Some Ermagerd v2 questions, answered.

7th Aug 2015

Why is the motor square?The design goal we had in mind requires the motor be square.  What is being accomplished can't be done with a round motor.Aren't the magnets in the corners doing nothing b … read more

EMF Summer 3X 2015

9th Jun 2015

July 18th, 2015 EMF Audio is hosting a triple point, world record event, the ONLY time a world record can be broken. IASCA,, NSPL, ISPLL, MECA, and dB Drag. SPL, Bass Race, Bass Boxing, and SQ class … read more

What's new with EMF Audio?

8th Feb 2015

2015 will be a big year for EMF Audio.  At the end of 2014 we sold out of all Ermagerd motor's, faster than anticipated.  As a result we're proud to be developing a version 2 replacement.&nb … read more

YOLO series subwoofer FAQ

4th Oct 2014

Why isn't there a power rating?The SPL and the musical versions are made differently and the SPL application is intended for burp only which can handle substantially more amounts of power for a short … read more