Some Ermagerd v2 questions, answered.

7th Aug 2015

Why is the motor square?

The design goal we had in mind requires the motor be square.  What is being accomplished can't be done with a round motor.

Aren't the magnets in the corners doing nothing because they're so far away from the coil?

No, they are equally as useful as the closer magnets.  The magnet poles are vertical, not horizontal.  The position of the magnets makes no difference.

Big neo motor, it must take 10,000 RMS no problem!

Wrong!  Power handling is dictated by several things, the physical size, motor strength, and weight aren't any of those factors.  It's rated 6,500 RMS for a reason, exceeding that would void any warranty.

Why is it patented?

Some companies innovate and put R&D into driving products forward while some copy designs and try to cheapen them up (lesser quality parts, poor assembly, etc) to ride coat tales of the real deal and try to make a buck.  We want to ensure our square motor technology can never be copied and there will never be another like it unless we make it.

How does a square motor fit in a round hole?

Basic math doesn't elude us (the distance from corner to corner diagonally is smaller than the hole diameter).

Can you make it in a 12"?

No, the motor is too big.  The design goal didn't suit trying to cut back performance so it could be made into a 12".